Don’ts On Link Building

Don’ts On Link Building

Aside from the things that need to be followed, there are also a couple of things that need to be avoided. This encourages a more honest and secure way of website-making and in turn, a safer way of link building.

Stealing the Show

It may sound like something straight out of the movies. But this kind of scene is also common in the internet business and not just in show business. Others are known for “injecting” their own links in websites that are not their own. Popular websites are at risk for this kind of behavior from others. Thus, the need to be more careful. Although it may sound like a very easy way of getting more links and viewers, using another’s account can do more harm than good in the future. Having one’s own strategies like discounts and voucher coupons included on their websites is still good, since the effort to gain more viewers roots from hard work.


Link Manipulation is never a good thing, even online. If manipulation is used to get a good PR, then Google will take the necessary steps to give the rightful consequences for such behavior. Which could also mean that the once-good PR might be back to square one. Abusing the external links just to get more views and the like is never a good thing.

Paid links

Paid Links

This isn’t for newbies. This might sound like a good thing since the word “paid” makes one thing about money. But it would be better to just avoid this since it requires so much caution. One should follow Google’s advertising and webmaster’s guidelines. Also, the source chosen should also be legit and reliable, otherwise paid link building would be all for naught. For the newbies, it is better to stay away from this.

Cloaking is not Cool

The Wizarding World might have made “cloaking” cool. But in the internet world, it would be shameful. Cloaking is the act of showing different content on search engines as compared to the ones shown in the website proper. Aside from fooling the viewers, one is also not being honest. It is best to stick with whatever resources one has, instead of lying to the future viewers and clients.


  1. I almost laughed at the part where it was explaining ‘cloaking’. I’ve been victimized by cloaking one too many times. Clicking on a search result, expecting some content about what I’m looking for, and then ending up with something totally different. I’m looking at you, well-known shopping website. Good luck to us all.

  2. I knew some webmasters in the past that has done cloaking to manipulate their site’s ranking. But eventually they were found out and got penalized. I think hard work really pays off 🙂

  3. Deception has always been used by many in the industry. I think many people still fall victim to the instant success they get doing these things.

  4. Since the dawn of SEO, links have been the most powerful agent when it comes to ranking. That’s why it is the thing that is commonly abused and misused.

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