Do’s On Link Building

Do’s On Link Building

Before considering taking action on link building, one must have an idea of a blog or a website first. Following these tips may not guarantee a successful blog, but it sure would be a big and sure step towards it.

Tips from the Pros

It’s a simple task. If one knows how to ask online shops like Lazada and Zalora how they’re doing so great, then why not? Ask advice on how to get external links from other websites, how to make the blog attractive to viewers, how to get good PR and other more things one can extract good pieces of advice from. Listen to what they have to say and heed their warnings and tips. Help from the ones who have already succeeded in their craft goes a long way.

The Insideout

The design and color scheme of the website can only take the creator part of the way to success in link building. It’s what’s inside that counts. Having good content invites other websites to establish external links, making the blog a more reliable and searchable one. Be it an informative or selling website with discounts, having significant content on the inside, just makes it more significant on the outside to viewers.

Traffic is good

Traffic is good

Referrals play an important role in link building. Because this does not only allow more viewers to your website, but this also allows the “right” ones to visit. Having a good kind of referral traffic from the right websites does a blogger a whole world of good. This encourages external linking, and in turn, this allows the blog to be recognized through the reputable websites that considered the blog. In this scenario, not all traffics are bad after all.

The Very Best and Nothing Less

Current clients are as important as new ones. Having clients that come back may be useful when it comes to giving external links. If they are as interested as they seem, a little discount or a dash of coupon codes on products may help them to support the blog and establishing their external links.


  1. Before you even consider link building, you have to make sure, at the very least, that what you’re offering is quality content. Don’t be so cocky as to think that you deserve good quality traffic if, in the end, you’re only going to bore your website visitors with content that’s terrible.

  2. Thank you for the amazing insights here. I’ve never read such doable tips on how to make my site more attractive and visitor-friendly. 🙂

  3. Most link building efforts only focus on the link value and not on the website traffic. I think SEO experts should try to balance this factors as SE’s would sometimes get these signals as indicative of manipulation.

  4. Be careful with linking out to some sites. They may look good on the outside but they can have many spam LOL

  5. Link building is still the magic recipe for success online. Most Webmasters are in full force to get those links!

  6. Link building can be very tricky. Most Webmasters buy links from linkfarms which are not of good quality. For me, it’s better to do link-exchange.

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