Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is link building?

Link Building is a process of acquiring various links to a website. This helps websites become more searchable in search engines. Therefore, making the website a tad more popular than the others.

Can link building help your website to become more popular

Yes, it certainly can. Link building is basically a process that helps you to leave crumbs on other pages or catalogs so that your potential followers or clients know where to find you. As the name would suggest, you’re basically building your links, establishing more possibilities for connections.

Why is becoming more ‘searchable’ as a website actually a good thing

Well, think of it this way. The more searchable you are, the more people see your website. And when more people see your website, this means it’s getting the attention that you want it to get. That is how link building steps in to ensure that any website can get the attention of the right audience. Since it allows sites to be more searchable, this allows more people to view it and share it.

Should you get referrals

Yes, you should. Referrals play an important role in link building. Because this does not only allow more viewers to your website, but this also allows the “right” ones to visit. Having a good kind of referral traffic from the right websites does a blogger a whole world of good.

What is cloaking and why is it bad?

Cloaking is the act of showing different content on search engines as compared to the ones shown in the website proper. Aside from fooling the viewers, one is also not being honest. It is best to stick with whatever resources one has, instead of lying to the future viewers and clients.

What should you remember about inbound links

While the sound of inbound links is good, you still have to make sure that these links come with good PR. If not, the website might also decrease in PR such as the inbound linking site. Keeping up with the competition, at the same time, balancing the need for external links with good PRs and avoiding the ones with low PRs seem like a handful. Also, one must also be diligent enough to look for trusted websites that might support other his or her website.