Tips for Link Building

Tips for Link Building

Even in link building, it is good to listen to what the pros in this field have to say. So keep a listening ear or a watchful eye for these tips:

Good Stuff, Not Fluff

In creating a website, one must have the motivation to “change lives” or “inspire people.” That is why content is everything in link building. Inbound links will not arrive if the blog is not relevant or significant to the online masses. Write or talk about things that could affect the viewers in some way. Discuss things that matter nowadays. Express concern on issues that seek solutions, or better yet, find a solution. This does not only apply to blogs or vlogs, online shops like Lazada and Zalora are also part of link building by selling products with discounts.

Constructive Criticism is Not Destructive

Constructive Criticism is Not Destructive

Not all comments are helpful. Although the ones that seem to “hate” it, just might be the ones that help the most. These feedbacks pave way for improvements. The praises and positive feedbacks are a good boost. But also considering the criticisms and the negative feedbacks can do one a world of good. Responding to their concerns and improving the things they commented on, just shows that it is a website willing to listen. Therefore, bagging more viewers and creating a more viewer-friendly online environment.

Loot bags are still a Thing

Every viewer must feel special in every visit to the website. That is why giveaways are considered important. For example, nowadays, girls are more interested in checking beauty vlogs and make-up tutorials. Some famous vloggers are now sponsored with products for them to showcase in their vlog. For the viewers to “get the look,” the vloggers add voucher codes or coupon codes on products so the viewers can purchase it with a discount.

Learning Link Building is not a walk in the park nor is it something one can learn overnight. It takes time to learn the process, to earn the inbound links needed and most importantly, to be heard or read. That is why taking a word from those who came and conquered before, helps a lot in establishing one’s website.


  1. Wow! You’re such a talented writer. Thank you for sharing doable insights on linkbuilding. I am a webmaster that believe a good amount of links would always be a great factor for success. Cheers!

  2. With the constant threat of de-indexation bu the giant google bots, I think it’s a fact to obtain valuable links to get ranked up. I mean, everything online is copied and rehashed, you wouldn’t know which one is the original these days LOL

  3. Good amount of links and enough amount of traffic equals success! Nothing beats this formula. Good luck!

  4. The best way to rank up on the SEs is to have as much great link as possible.

  5. Linkbuilding is still the number one ranking factor in Google. It has been abused by so many SEO professionals ang many Algo Updates have addressed this trick.

  6. Many site owners have become desperate to get higher ranking they buy links from link farms and regret about doing it later when they got penalized. LOL

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